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Meet new friends and learn new skills in our clubs and academies!

Enrichment students standing in front of a climbing wall.

ǿ offers a great range of activities to get involved in alongside your studies. They’re a great way to make friends, learn new skills - and develop existing ones - and grow in confidence.

We have a range of Academies, including the Uniformed Services, Sustainability, VETMED Academy, Law Academy, Russell Group and Oxbridge Academy, DofE and lots of great sports academies (which includes the prestigious Chelsea Football Club Foundation Academy).

We also run a fantastic range of clubs and activities for those who have a passion for (or want to learn more about) sport - or eSport, films, books or volunteering. And if there’s something that piques your interest that we don't currently offer, we’d love to hear from you!

The ǿ Student Union (PSU) also hosts a range of great activities including the annual ball. Plus, by becoming a member of the committee you can develop new skills and enhance your CV.

You might be interested in becoming a Student Ambassador and get involved in fun events across college and the local community, or maybe your passion is STEM, in which case you could become a STEM Ambassador by bringing STEM subjects to life!

And of course, for the majority of our courses, we provide work experience opportunities where you can develop your skills in a real-life working environment and understand what it's like to work in an office, theatre, school or workshop!