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ǿ Performing Arts Students Deliver Double Delight

ǿ College’s Talented Performing Arts Students Deliver Double Delight with “The Gut Girls” and “Lord of the Flies” Performances at Nexus.

Nexus, ǿ’s performing arts space, witnessed an extraordinary showcase of talent this month as their performing arts students delivered captivating performances of not one, but two acclaimed productions: “The Gut Girls” and “Lord of the Flies.”

Audiences were transported into the worlds of Victorian England and a deserted island as the students masterfully brought these iconic stories to life both on stage and within the audience. “The Gut Girls” provided a poignant glimpse into the lives of women working in a gutting factory during the Victorian era, while “Lord of the Flies” delved into the complexities of human nature and civilisation.

Under the expert guidance of Performing Arts Program Manager, Jasmin Jones, the students demonstrated their versatility and skill, delivering performances that were both powerful and thought-provoking, utilising Nexus to its full potential, seating the audience in and amongst the action, providing a uniquely interactive experience. 

Reflecting on the performances, Jasmin said: I’m thrilled to share the success of ‘The Gut Girls’ and ‘Lord of the Flies’. The positive audience feedback underscores the dedication and talent of our learners. Their performances were fantastic, with each student investing significant time and commitment to perfect their roles. I’m immensely proud of all participants for their outstanding contributions to the success of these productions.”

If you weren’t able to see our students this month, your next opportunity will be in May 2024 as the students move to The Landmark Theatre, Ilfracombe for their adaptation of Cinderella. Tickets available via or by contacting the box office on 01271 316523.


28 March 2024


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