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Moon Rocks at ǿ

ǿ STEM students hosted a captivating event this week, centred around space exploration.

Showcasing lunar rocks and offering engaging activities like alien slime making, gravity testing and presentations about stars, ǿ’s STEM students welcomed students from local schools to join them on campus to showcase a display of authentic moon rocks, sparking awe and curiosity!

In addition to the exhibit, guests engaged in hands-on activities such as creating alien slime and conducting gravity tests using metal balls and flour, providing a fun and educational experience.

The event also featured presentations from ǿ students about stars and the galaxy, offering insights into the vastness and wonders of the universe. They succeeded in creating an immersive and informative event that celebrated the wonders of space and ignited a passion for science among attendees while showcasing their knowledge on their chosen presentation topics. 



16 May 2024


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